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This exercise focuses in solely on the technique of rhyming. Rhyme isn’t really something most of us spend a whole lot of time doing in other forms of writing or speaking, so take some time to explore the different rhyme types and families. After playing around with the different varieties and practicing each week, rhyming will come easier and feel a bit more natural. 

By the time you’re at this exercise you should have quite a few different song starters piling up in the back of the book to choose from. Choose from one of those and go to town. It’s up to you how deep you’d like to take it. It can be the quick win after a long day, or a more involved study where you take the couplet you’ve created and expand it into a full verse (or an entire song!). 

*Note: With each exercise, I encourage you to differ the amount of energy you give each one every week so you’re not burning yourself out.


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