I'm glad you asked. I've created a short explainer tutorial on each exercise located here. Go ahead and give that a gander then let me know if you still have any questions below. 

One of the biggest parts of getting better at any skill is repetition. It helps you master the essential skills and strengthens the connections in the brain that will help you learn and grow.

Why Ukulele? It's one of the quickest instruments to learn, highly portable, and the very first song I ever got paid to write was written on one. 

While in the creation of any physical product, you're using raw materials, I did my best to make sure all the materials and packaging were sustainably sourced. French Paper is used in the covers which is made at a mill using 100% hydroelectric power. The Packaging is 100% recycled material, and there is no plastic or unnecessary stickers or marketing materials included in each package.

This is a deeply personal preference combining logic & nostalgia for many of us, but my preference is a black or dark blue pen. The ones I tend to use most are the Uni-ball Ecoand the Jetstream 101 (Extra Fine) or (1.0 - this version tends to get a few globs of ink once in a while). These also have a very lovely smoothness writing on the workbook paper.

I've been testing out a few fountain pens lately which I've enjoyed, such as the Lamy Safari. If you have a solid recommendation let me know. I tend to look for fast drying ink, a smooth rolling action, and a simple clean aesthetic.

For the cover, I like to use a Sharpie to mark off the days, to make an X over the month I'm working in, and to keep track of the month/year on the spine.


I write music and create projects under the name HALF SHY. I live in Seattle and share a house with a stinky-mouthed furry lady named Peaches. You can check out my various projects here.

Sure do. You can search "HALF SHY" on any streaming platform or check out my music on this page.

Please use the contact page here for any inquiries.


I ship orders out daily in batches Mon-Fri. Weekend orders will go out on Monday and depending on your shipping method take 2-10 days to arrive.

Hmm, well that depends. If you've ordered and haven't heard anything back, it's likely a spam filter issue. Please whitelist the address and check your spam folder. If you still can't find anything in there feel free to email and I'll get you all sorted.

If you're tracking your package via USPS or UPS and the status hasn't been updated, this is likely due to the "unprecedented" volume and backlog they are dealing with right now. Tracking has been a little wonky and not updating correctly. In most cases it only takes a day or two for the package to be updated.

Shipping prices are determined automatically by our system during checkout. Please go through there to get an estimate first. If it's not working out for you feel free to email

Well technically, yes..but I haven't figured out a good option for shipping quite yet. The cost to ship abroad is more than the book itself. I'm looking into it though. If you'd like to get together with some friends and make a bundle order let me know.

It's awesome that you're excited about getting the workbook ASAP! Please keep in mind there is still a handling and processing time before it is shipped out from the time you checkout. I ship orders Mon-Fri and it can take a full 24 hours (sometimes longer) to be received, packed, then picked up by the USPS/UPS during their operating hours. The express shipping time starts once the package has been handed over to the carrier. 


Aw shucks, I'm sorry to hear the workbook didn't quite work out for you. You can go ahead and send the book (unused and in new condition) back to the address on the order slip. Please send a quick email off to letting us know you'll be returning the book and include the tracking information for the return package. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen packages. Refunds are typically processed within 1-2 days of receiving the package and takes around 5-10 days to show up on the original form of payment. 

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For minor damages, if no insurance was selected, unfortunately we are unable to refund or replace the journal. But a few scuffs and bruises shouldn't hold you back! Hopefully you were going to wear the heck out of this thing anyhow by writing in it daily. It does help to know when things go awry though, so please let us know at if your book has shown up in a less than wonderful condition. 


THANK YOU! I tried to go over the book as thoroughly as possible but I'm still human so I really appreciate any help finding those persnickety errors. Have a suggestion to make the workbook better? Awesome! Please let me know here on the feedback page.

So far, I've found the word "comparisions" on the Figurative Exercise. What the heck spellcheck?!


Great! I'm always looking to clear up any confusion to make the workbook better for everyone. If you send me a quick note here I'll get back to you asap!

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