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I'm glad you asked. I've created a short explainer-type video on each exercise located here. Go ahead and give that a gander then let me know if you still have any questions below. 

Why Ukulele? It's one of the quickest instruments to learn, highly portable, and the very first song I ever got paid to write was written on one. 


Hi! I'm Karen. I write music and create projects under the name HALF SHY and live with my lady in Seattle. We share a house with a stinky-mouthed furry lady named Peaches. There's a bit more about my story here if you're interested.

Sure do. You can search "HALF SHY" on any streaming platform or check out


THANK YOU! I tried to go over the book as thoroughly as possible but I'm still human so I really appreciate any help finding those persnickety errors. Have a suggestion to make the workbook better? Awesome! Take a peek at the CHANGELOG to see if the suggestion has already been noted then comment away!


Great! I'm always looking to clear up any confusion to make the workbook better for everyone. If you send me a quick note here I'll get back to you asap!

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