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EVERY MORNING you’re going to wake up and write.

First things first, as soon as you crack your eyes open, grab your book and scribble down the Cliff’s notes of your dreams - it’s much easier to remember right as you wake up. Don't worry if you can't remember much at first. The more you start to pay attention, the more you'll remember, and I think you’ll find dreams can be very useful material in your writing. If nothing else, you’ll at least have an entertaining log of embarrassing/terrifying nonsense that you can rip out and burn at the end of the month. It’ll be cathartic.

Practice Workbook Boot Up Exercise showing the memory section

The next portion is the MORNING DUMP. This where you release all the monkey-mind overwhelming thoughts wound up in your tightrope of a brain. Like Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages - but for the normal human person whose hand cramps after one page. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it, but just try and be as honest as possible and focus on your feelings rather than a fact-based log of exactly what you ate and where. It's also my excuse to make a poop joke.

Practice Workbook showing the "Morning Dump" section of the Boot Up Exercise

GOOD INTENTIONS is the last section of the BOOT UP and includes a quick moment of gratitude and goals. These can be large or small - daily goals or life goals. But remind yourself to think through the reasons why you have them. What is the end result? What do you want in your life and why?

Practice Workbook showing the "Intentions" section of the boot up exercise

The very last box is this section is the health check. From the goop inside your head to the tips of your toes, we’re given this one body for our entire lives. Enjoy a few stoner moments contemplating how amazing it is that you exist at all - that your skin can freakin’ heal itself. Then do a quick once over - emotionally, physically, where does it hurt?

Now that you’ve lightened your brain load, go on and start your day with an open mind and a lighter heart. We’ll check in again later on in the day.

An Aside: Intentions - set your sights on an intent. What do you want to do in this life? Speaking from experience, it’s easy to drift. Easy to get sucked into the day to day routine, peeling one calendar day off after another, waiting for those two days off in a row (if you’re lucky). Try not to make these the “new years resolutions” that get sidelined a month later, these should be projects with purpose. Having goals allows you to break up the periods of your life into the before and after and tell time in a meaningful way. For example: "After I spent Covid learning how to animate a brain pooping out a rainbow, but before I got the first shipment of books." Don't be afraid to aim high, because...why not? The tallest building was built one floor at a time.

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