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It’s one thing to see how someone does it, another to actually try it yourself.

A compliment to TAKE IT APART, this exercise takes a more active role by not only dissecting the song, but rebuilding it in a new and different way.

Fitting your own words into an existing structure is a great exercise in learning how to work within limitations. Not only will you be adding that rhythm and melody to your mental catalogue of ideas for your next song, you’ll also be challenging yourself to tell a coherent story within set boundaries. With a million options out there, it can be a relief sometimes to limit yourself.

TIP: If you’re stuck on a theme, try using a phrase from your song starter pages to get the ball rolling. You don’t have to write a whole verse here, choose a couplet if you’re just starting out.

 P.S I couldn’t in good conscience include this meter-related pun in the final workbook instructions, but you better believe I'm including it here:

“Meter can be confusing. Use it if it’s helpful, but don't…..stress…..if it’s not.”


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