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Figurative language. When’s the last time you thought about concrete vs abstract nouns? Ever?

Today we’ll play around with words to see where they can take us. You can try using the words out of your own head (kudos if you do), but I’d recommend using a random word generator like the one I spent about a billion hours making, here on the website. By taking random words and trying out each combination, you’ll build a library of creative fodder for song starters and lyrics. You’ll also create some pretty hilarious nonsense.


Now before moving on let's be clear - I'm not saying to take these phrases and plop them right into songs one after another and call it good (...though I do want to hear that parody song). While you might come up with a ready-made phrase once in a while, these are meant more than anything, as inspiration. Tinder for the fire.

After swapping around the words for a while, seeing if any of them mean anything to you, take a second to think deeply about each phrase you’ve collected. Do a little free write in the space below and see if anything draws you in. Bring it into your own life and create the scene.

A fun variation for part 3: "You're more _____ than _____." You can change up the pronoun to make it about yourself, or others (I'm more, you're more, we're more, they're more, etc). 

Once you’re done, save your best ideas back in the song starter’s page for later.


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