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Many of us are visual thinkers, but when is the last time you took out a pencil and paper and sat down to draw?

A century ago biology students were required to take a daily drawing class to “learn to observe.” (Scientific American). Becoming more observant of the details can only help in your writing. Not only that, but drawing can be an incredible source of relaxation and stress relief. There’s something so incredibly soothing about the sound and feel of drawing - especially when drawing for nobody but yourself.

Take this exercise to draw a few of the ideas that have been percolating in your brain, or to simply doodle around a bit.

ALTERNATIVE IDEA: Contour line drawing. Without looking at the page at all, trust in the movement of your hand and don't lift your pencil at all. Got a friend nearby? Try both doing it at the same time, it’s a really funny way to spend some quality bonding time together and have a good laugh at the portraits you’ve created (hint: drawing a smile with teeth always makes for a terrifying nightmare monster).


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