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It’s time to dig way down deep into your senses and stay there for a bit. 

The main way we learn about our world is by using our five senses. Think about a scent that triggers a memory (Incense will forever be tied to my local record store). By using sensory imagery in your writing, you’re inviting the listener to connect and transport themselves into your world. They know a place like that, they’ve smelt that smell, they can identify with your ideas because you’ve described your scene in a way that’s undeniably human.


The point of this exercise is to try and stay sensory-bound, writing a constant flow of thoughts to prevent yourself from over-thinking but to fully describe the topic using each of the senses until the space runs out. 


You’ll veer into different territory and that’s completely fine. Let it happen. It’ll be a ramble at times, a block of nonsense, or sometimes just the phrase ‘I don’t know what to write’ over and over until you break out of that rut. When you get stuck come back to the table of senses at the top and think through them again. Which one have you not fully explored?

There are 4 versions of this exercise each week: object, time, place, and person. You can come at it from any angle, just as soon as you start thinking about whatever topic you’ve chosen, put that pen to paper and don’t stop. 

Note: In the ‘person’ version of the exercise, you have the choice between examining their perspective or yours (both is always an option). You might not want to imagine how most people literally smell and taste, but for a special few , it could be the beginnings of a raunchy new bedroom tune. 🍆😉


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