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Creativity comes from trying something new, pushing yourself, and oftentimes, failing. 

Writing in a vacuum might work for a while, but the more perspectives you take in the more ideas you will have, and the better a writer (and human) you will become.

The goal is to get yourself out into the world (preferably on your own), to shock your system and get your blood pumping.

Like the OVERHEARD exercise, this one can be completed any day of the month so keep an eye out for opportunities. Pick an event at random from the weekly newspaper or hop on MeetUp to find a club full of amazing weirdos.

Get out of your comfort zone, your internet bubble, and find a slice of the world you normally wouldn’t encounter. Allow yourself to be nervous and sweaty for a moment. When you stretch your creative muscles past what they’re used to, it’s going to be a little awkward and painful at first - but know it’s only making you stronger.

In order to grow, muscles have to tear and rebuild themselves. Pain and change, in a cycle of stress and repair, causes muscles to grow stronger. Take a look at this video "What makes muscles grow?" It's a really great way to think about your creative muscles, and feel free to use "Cytokines" as the word for day 07 "Will This Be on the Test" exercise.


"Meaningful growth requires challenge, and stress."

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